Mental Wellbeing

We help you live a positive, balanced life

We believe it is important to build a toolbox of skills, techniques and practices to deal with life's curve-balls. At Neo-Health we help you to identify your pressure points, manage your stress levels and maintain balance. 

Our counsellors and therapists can help you with any hurdles you face in your work, relationships or family life. Highly empathetic and intuitive, they can assist with any life challenge you face, from strengthening your self-esteem to boosting your resilience. 

Good mental wellbeing also reduces your vulnerability to mental health difficulties down the track.

Useful Links:

- Mental Health America
- Mentalhelp
- World Health Organization Mental Health
- National Institute of Mental Health (US)

Helping you find solutions and moving forward towards life goals 

Whether you're seeking assistance to resolve lingering concerns in your life, or wishing to optimise your current trajectory, our highly trained staff and experienced counsellors are on hand to provide practical counselling and coaching solutions.

Help your children grow into strong, confident adults

Our highly trained staff are experienced and qualified in handling any issue you or your child faces, alone and as a family. 

Are you walking on egg shells in your relationship?

Are minor issues escalating into heated arguments? It may be a sign of stress in your relationship. And the earlier you seek help, the easier it is to resolve conflict and stabilise the relationship.

We provide individual as well as couples therapy. We also offer the opportunity to enter into pre-marital counselling/coaching to explore compatibility issues before you and your partner decide to say 'I do'.

Gain greater confidence in your sex life and in yourself

If you are experiencing strains in your sex life, from a chronic lack of desire for sex to compulsive sexual behaviours - whether your concerns are physical or emotional - sex therapy may be the answer. At Neo-Health, we provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing sexual health issues through sexual therapy.

Are you a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individual?

At Neo-Health we support you in realising your personal potential and achieving satisfaction in your relationships. Working confidentially and holistically, we provide services for LGBT individuals and couples, recognising the interrelationship between social, emotional, physical and sexual health.

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