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We are Hong Kong's premium holistic sexual health centre

At Neo-Health, we have all aspects of your sexual health covered, from possible prevention, diagnosis, treatment through to education, therapy and counselling. Our pioneering programmes held throughout Hong Kong are designed to change the attitude towards sex education and encourage men and women to lead healthy, happy sexual lives.  

1in5 01Our aim is to empower people to live happy, healthy sexual lives

If talking about “sexual health problems” makes you go red in the face, you’re not alone. There are many stigmas and taboos surrounding sexual health, particularly in Hong Kong. Our goal is to change this experience.

At Neo Health we provide a comfortable environment where you can talk about your sexual health problems without feeling judged. We facilitate open communication about any sexual concerns you face, while maintaining the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality.


We understand sexual health problems have many causes and influences, including an individual’s unique relationship experiences, their upbringing and their ethnic and cultural background.

For specific information on how you can have your sexual health tested, read our Sexual Health Screening Plans section.  



Q: Can I use "over the counter" medications to treat STDs by myself without proper medical examination?

A: No, self perscription would defer the diagnosis of STDs and perhaps increase the difficulty of subsequent treatment.

Q: If I don't have any symptoms, would that mean I do not have STD and do need to have myself checked?

A: You are not necessarily free from STD infections even if you do not have symptoms. Common STDs do not have symptoms at the first stage of infection. If you are active in unsafe sexual practice, you are already at risk for STD infections. Regularly STD check is a necessary precaution.

Q: If I am disgnosed to have STDs, should my partner be treated as well if he / she does not have any symptoms?

A: Not all STDs will have obvious symptoms, and the incubation period is different. If you have been diagnosed with STD, your partner should be tested as well, so as to avoid delay treatment or reinfection.

Q: What should I do if I have STDs?

A: If you are diagnosed with STD(s), you should receive relevant treatment immidiately. Inform your partner at once, tests should be performed so as to avoid delay treatment or reinfection.

Q: If I suspect myself infected of HIV infection because of the unsafe sexual activity happened in the past 72 hours, what should I do?

A: PEP, or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis - which is medication that is used to actually treat patients with HIV, but that within a confined window (less than 72hours after exposure) can stop infection from taking place roughly 80-90% of the time.

People should seek medical advice as early as possible if they suspect to contract with sexually transmitted infections.

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Though common, sexual dysfunction can be overcome

Sexual dysfunction is a common concern faced by adults in the course of their sexual lives. From a low libido, intimacy issues, disinterest in sex or physical pain, sexual dysfunction takes many forms which can negatively impact relationships and cause undue stress.

Neo-Heath is experienced in treating a range of sexual dysfunction issues. We utilise both therapy and medical treatments, including oral medications and innovative procedures.

Increase your confidence and lessen your inhibitions

If you are experiencing strains in your sex life, from a chronic lack of desire for sex to compulsive sexual behaviours (whether or not your concerns are physical or emotional) sex therapy may be the answer.

STDs are common but often go unnoticed, making screening important

Sexually transmitted infections or diseases (“STIs” or “STDs”) are infections typically caused by transmission through sexual contact. STDs and STIs are more common than you think, affecting one out of six people during the course of their lives. 

A private and confidential space to discuss your concerns

Neo-Health provides a safe haven for you to seek help and advice on sexual health issues without any judgement. Our professionals treat your concerns with the utmost respect, and your details are kept private and confidential.

A safe place for your sexual concerns 

We appreciate it can be difficult to discuss issues of a sexual nature. At Neo-Health we provide a supportive and confidential environment in which you can talk through your concerns - whatever they may be. Our experienced professionals are on standby to put you at ease and allay your concerns.

Our in-house library is a great place to learn more

At Neo-Health we believe in building our client's self-confidence, developing positive relationships and promoting a safe and open environment to learn about sexual health. That's why, in addition to offering a range of services to support your sexual health, we also offer resources to support your sexual education at our in-house library.

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