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It’s NOT What You Think.

#1 "The G-spot doesn’t exist." It’s NOT what you think.  The G-spot DOES exist and it lies on the anterior wall of the vagina, about 5-8cm above the opening to the vagina. At first, touching the G-spot may make the woman feel as though she needs to urinate, but after a few seconds may turn into a pleasurable sensation. For some women, however, this stimulation remains uncomfortable, no matter how long the stimulation continues.   #2 "Frequent sexual intercourse leads…

10 Weird Facts About the Vagina

#1 Each vagina has its own smellThe smell depends on a variety of factors, including the combination of normal bacteria that live in the vagina, diet, types of fabric a woman wears, level of hygiene, how much a woman sweats, and gland secretions.           #2 The first inch or two of the vagina has the most nerve endings  and is the most pleasure receptive.     #3 The first movie to use the word “vagina” on…
Vaginal Prolapse or muscle loosening, mainly caused by natural birth-giving and aging, is a common condition among women. However, this topic is often kept in the dark due to self-consciousness and embarrassment, and it tremendously aggravates the problem. As we grow older, our body parts deteriorate accordingly. A case in point is the vagina. Apart from the more obvious features like the face or the skin, a woman’s private part is one of the least prominent yet most common parts…
The Impacts of Vaginal Prolapse A woman’s youth belongs to herself, and yet there are various external impacts that urge to take it away from us. Aging and senescence are inevitable. As we grow older, our body parts deteriorate accordingly. A case in point is the vagina. Apart from the more obvious features like the face or the skin, a woman’s private part is one of the least prominent yet most common parts to degenerate.Vaginal prolapse is one of the…

Do You Have Cancer Cells?

MyGenia® Circulating DNA Early Cancer Screening MyGenia® Circulating DNA Early Cancer Screening can detect if there are any active cancer cells in the patient’s body that can cause abnormality in the DNA. The traditional methods of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) screening involves blood tests and Radioimmunoassay (RIA) to track the location of the cancer cells. MyGenia® Circulating DNA Early Cancer Screening, however, has simplified the process with the advancement of technology. When cancer cells die from necrosis during metabolism, our…

FemTouch Firming

FemTouch™ Promotion Offer (Time LImited)Medical-Level Vaginal HealthCare Treatment1. FemTouch™ Treatment x 42. Medical Vaginal Check Up     ●Pap Smear Test     ●High Vaginal Swab     ●Viginal Infections Test        ─ Ureaplasma Urealyticum and Parvum DNA test        ─ Chlamydia DNA test        ─ Gonorrhea DNA test FemTouch™ laser for improved vaginal health!The Lumenis® FemTouch™ is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment for treating and improving vaginal health. With FemTouch™ you no longer have to live…
母親節仲未諗到送咩好? 仲係諗住普普通通送束花? HK$800 癌症指標檢查 – 卵巢癌及乳腺癌指標 檢查癌細胞於血液中的分泌物,它的份量或濃度與癌細胞的多寡成比例,作癌症普查、診斷、監察和跟進治療反應等。 子宮頸抹片檢查 檢測子宮頸細胞的不正常病變。     其實作為子女,最想送俾媽媽,係一個健康既身體。 並可使用折扣價$1200 購買『基本健康檢查計劃』,原價$1500。 優惠只限5月份唷!   如有任何查詢,歡迎致電 : 中環創健體檢及專科中心 (852) 3167 7040或電郵 :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 使用條款1. 優惠有效日期至2017年5月31日。2. 只適用於創健醫療 (香港中環利源東街9號利東大廈29樓)3. 請致電 (852) 3167 7040預約。 如有任何爭議,創健醫療保留最終決定權。
    Neo-Health (Prince Edward) Centre 14/5/2017(Sunday) Closed Sorry for any inconvenience caused       Neo-Health (Prince Edward) Centre Address: Rm B, 18/F , The Lamma City, 761 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon (Prince Edward Station Exit C1) Tel: 3162 0002
[This article is contributed by MIMS] Cervical cancer is one of the first cancers to be able to be eradicated with a vaccine. However, in comparison to the 70% rates in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, Hong Kong only achieved a shockingly low 10% rate of the HPV vaccination. Calling for a wider coverage of cervical cancer vaccination programme for more women In response to the request for increasing coverage of the HPV vaccine, the Hong Kong…

Call for action on common STI

A University of Hong Kong study has identified higher chlamydia prevalence among young people and middle-aged females. Clinical associate professor William Wong Chi-wai said this sexually transmitted infection can be asymptomatic, especially in females, but may lead to serious health consequences such as infertility. In the first local population-based sexually transmitted infections study, the university reached 881 people aged between 18 and 49 through random selection from households across Hong Kong. Participants who completed a survey had their urine tested…


Social Capital Builder Award 2016 Neo-Health (HK) Limited is honored to receive “Social Capital Builder Award 2016”by Community Investment & Inclusion Fund Labour and Welfare Bureau regarding our contribution to the development of social capital in Hong Kong. Neo-Health also work with various charity such as AFRO to promote sexual healthiness in local community. Chinese New Year Special Offer – Health Screen Welcome Dr. Ronald Ng Neo-Health is excited to announce that Dr. Ronald Ng has joined our practice. Dr.…

Happy Chinese New Year

2016 has been a rewarding year for Neo-Health. Our focus on providing high quality and reliable health services has been recognized by different sectors of the society. Rounds of applause to our team for receiving the following awards: Hong Kong Most Valuable Company by Mediazone Best SME Award by Hong Kong General Chamber of SME Hong Kong Health Industry Award - Best Integrative Health Centre Social Capital Builder Award by Labour and Social Welfare Department Asia Leadership Award and Fellowship…
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