Innovative Procedures

Fast and effective solutions to your medical problems

We provide innovative, safe and effective medical procedures that help treat a range of conditions. Each procedure has been carefully selected by the Neo-Health team based on quality studies and evidence of low complication rates. We are always on the lookout for the latest medical procedures and technology, so you can rest assured knowing we’re striving to provide you with the best care possible.

Presently, we offer the following treatments.

Ultroid for Haemorrhoid Treatment

The Ultroid procedure for haemorrhoid treatment is an FDA-approved and highly-effective alternative to traditional haemorrhoid therapy that is safe and pain relieving. Treatment does not involve surgery, anesthesia, banding nor stapling. Following about 30 minute procedure performed at an affiliate physician office, you can return to your normal activities. Most patients begin to feel relief during or immediately following the procedure. The Ultroid treatment requires no preparation, and for most haemorrhoids, a single treatment may be all that is required, however it is recommended that the patient return two weeks later for a follow up visit.

How does Ultroid treatment work?

A small amount of milliamperature electrical current is applied to the base of the haemorrhoid, creating a unique biochemical reaction within the vascular feeding vessels and causing the release of hydrogen ions (H2 gas). The critical reaction is the production of hydroxyl ions or OH, which results in a strong alkaline environment around the probe tips that result in a denaturation of proteins. Unlike other treatments that cut out the vein, cauterise it, or scar it, Ultroid is the only treatment that works with the body in a natural and non-invasive way.

ED-1000 for Erectile Dysfunction

ED-1000 uses Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), a technology using pulses of sound energy called "shockwaves", directly on the penile shaft and corpus to help relieve vascular deficiency . This action stimulates the volume of blood flow to the genital area, enabling an erection.

The non-invasive procedure has no side-effects or pain and has shown significant improvement in a patient's erectile function for at least one year.

For more information on these treatments, please discuss these with your doctor directly.

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