Corporate Wellness Programs

Healthier employees have a positive impact on your bottom line

Corporate wellness is an investment in your company's most important resource: your employees. Healthier employees are more productive, have less absenteeism and reduce your long-term health care costs.

Corporate Wellness ProgramWorking directly with your workforce, we can help identify and treat any conditions or disease and provide tailored healthcare solutions, along with education and training to improve your workforce's general health. For senior executives, we can provide more comprehensive wellness programmes tailored to their age and lifestyle.

The aim of a workplace wellness programme is to improve the overall wellness of your employees, impacting the workplace and beyond.


General Corporate Health & Wellness Program

We conduct biometric testing and general health screenings on your workforce to gain important insights into each individual’s unique biochemical makeup and the potential for degenerative disease.

Next, we work directly with your employees to encourage an increase in their physical activity, an improvement in eating habits, a reduction in stress levels as well as the knowledge and tools to cease unhealthy habits. Finally, we identify and help manage existing health conditions, such as Diabetes and Hypertension.

In addition, we offer the following programmes. 

Vaccination Programs

As part of preventative health, Neo-Health offers company vaccinations like flu-shots and HPV vaccination programmes.

Weight Management Programmes

For employees with weight management problems, we provide customised weight management programmes to help manage their weight using a clinical approach, enabling long-term weight management and better health.

Musculoskeletal Pain Management

Our experienced sports rehabilitation therapists help assess the cause of work-related back pain, educate employees on taking care of the back through educational workshops and also offer individual or group therapy sessions to help employees ease chronic pain.

Stress, depression and anxiety management

We run individual sessions or group counselling workshops to educate employees on how to maintain good mental health and manage stress in their work environment.

Other corporate programmes:

  • EAP programs, including crisis management, individual or group counselling sessions
  • Mental wellbeing seminars and workshops with topics that include group and individual relationship management

Senior Executive Wellness Program

In addition to our general corporate wellness program, we provide a specialised and comprehensive wellness programme for your senior executives to ensure their health and longevity.

Senior executives often have busy travel and work schedules. In one visit, Neo-Health can conduct detailed tests, which are then processed on-site at Neo Labs for fast and effective results.

Our comprehensive screening packages are tailored to an individual's gender and screens all aspect of their health, from their biometrics, hormonal health, anti-aging hormone profile, nutritional status, sexual health, cancer markers, and a bone density screening. To learn more about our CEO Comprehensive Health Screening, please click here


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