Corporate Wellness

Building a culture of health and wellness in your organisation

Sick leave costs companies millions of dollars each year in productivity and staff engagement, ultimately affecting your company's bottom line. Our professional team draws on their vast expertise to help your company achieve its health and wellness goals. 

We can:

  • Work directly with your organisation to incrementally build a culture of wellness that can help your employees optimise their health. 
  • Provide specialised and comprehensive wellness programmes, including for your senior executives, to ensure health and longevity.
  • Conduct workplace environments to ensure your staff's occupational health and wellness. 

Get the most out of your employees, and your budget

Working directly with your organisation, we can help to review, strategise and implement your employee health goals. By building a culture of health and wellness in your organisation, studies show employees take less sick leave and are more productive.

Healthier employees have a positive impact on your bottom line

Corporate wellness is an investment in your company's most important resource: your employees. Healthier employees are more productive, have less absenteeism and reduce your long-term health care costs.

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace 

After a thorough assessment of your employees' health problems, we can provide advice and assistance in ensuring any difficulties or disabilities do not disrupt their working environment.

Our team of professionals are on hand to help, from providing support and optimising an employee's work capability when they are physically ill, to expediting their return to work after a leave of absence.

Plan VI - Comprehensive Cancer Screening Plan 2020 - 2021
Essential Screening Items Checkup Details Checkup Purpose
1 Cancer Screening CA50* and AFP* General Tumour Indicator and Liver Cancer
2 Cancer Screening PROPGRP* Small Cell Lung Cancer
3 Cancer Screening CYFRA* Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
4 Cancer Screening PIVKA II* Liver Cancer
5 Cancer Screening CEA* and Faecal Occult Blood** Colorectal Cancer
6 Cancer Screening Pepsinogen I & 2* Stomach Cancer
7 Cancer Screening EBV IgA* Nasopharyngeal Caner
8 Cancer Screening CA19.9XR* Pancreatic Cancer
9 Male and Female HPV Genotyping*** HPV Infection Screening
10 Male Specific Total PSA* and Free PSA* Prostate Cancer and Prostatitis
11 Female Specific CA153* Breast Cancer
12 Female Specific CA125* Ovarian Cancer
13 Female Specific Pap Smear*** Cervical Cancer
14 Cancer Screening Report & Review Consultation

* Cancer screening via blood sample collection and analysis

** Cancer screening via stool sample collection and analysis

*** Avoid screening during menstrual cycle

Comprehensive Cancer Screening PackageTotal: HK$3,800
Plan VI - Comprehensive Cancer Screening Plan 2020 - 2021
Optional Specific Screening Checkup Details Checkup Purpose Price (HKD)
A Breast Ultrasound - Bilateral breast ultrasound Screening for breast abnormalities in female <40 years old 1,540
B 3D Mammogram - Bilateral digital mammogram Screening for breast abnormalities in female >40 years old 3,140
C Prostate Ultrasound - Prostate ultrasound Screening for prostate enlargement and prostate cancer 1,210
D Colonoscopy Colonoscopy Screening Screening for polyps or cancer inside the rectum and entire colon From 10,350
E Circulation DNA – ultra early Cancer Detection – for 30 Cancers Ultra-sensitive early Cancer Detection screening using circulation DNA analysis for over 30 different types of cancer高 Cancer is a result of accumulative DNA mutation, ctDNA can detect cancer even before PET scan 30,000

Doctor Consultation, Testing, Vaccination & Health Screening

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