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The most extravagant element of love is youth – for women in particular. When we were younger, this would just be banters and jokes. However, as we grow older and start to see the difference between us and younger girls, we start to realize the truth in that phrase. There is nothing we can do about the elapsing of time, and so our youth is priceless because it is finite. Therefore, we are determined to rack our brains for a way to reserve our most precious youth.

Rather than having someone to remind us, we should be active in reclaiming our femininity and lost-youth in order to seize love despite its elusiveness. Maintenance of our body is never done to please anyone but ourselves; it is an act of self-love. As we grow older, our body parts deteriorate accordingly. A case in point is the vagina. Apart from the more obvious features like the face or the skin, a woman’s private part is one of the least prominent yet most common parts to degenerate. Vaginal prolapse is one of the conditions of degeneration. Vaginal prolapse causes muscles around that area to become loose. This can cause a sensation of a vaginal lump, constipation, difficulty emptying the bowel or bladder or relationship and intimacy problems. Vaginal prolapse should be considered as a physical health issue rather than just a sexual issue, and yet most women do not realize the seriousness of it.

These conditions may seem distant from us when in fact it is happening to most women while they choose to neglect them. On the bright side, professionals have found a quick-fix to most women’s health concern. In recent years, some clinics in Hong Kong have imported machines that utilize the technology of laser retouching, and Neo-Health is one of them. This technology stimulates the production of collagen around the vaginal area and restores its elasticity. With this technique, women are able to reclaim their femininity and youth through vaginal health.



Cynthia Ho, a renowned sex therapist in Hong Kong, recommends FemTouch, a CO2 laser treatment, to females who face vaginal prolapse, “Take facial treatments as an example, muscles around the vaginal area are similar to our facial muscles; they become loose in time. Most women would go to beauty clinics to get a laser skin treatment. The same goes for the vagina.” FemTouch™ is an innovative CO₂ laser treatment that is applied along the vaginal walls and delivers very gentle controlled ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining for improved vaginal health. The Lumenis® FemTouch™ is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment and the patient will not be subjected to any physical pain. The patient has to be treated 3 or 4 times in total. Every treatment is around 4 weeks apart, of approximately 15 minutes each time. Within this short period, you can restore the health of your feminine side.

Speaking of women’s sexual and vaginal health, Chinese females are comparatively more conservative due to the lack of sex education. Dr. Francois Fong, the founder of Neo Health Group and Hong Kong Sexual Health Centre, stated that this is an important issue that needed to be addressed. Other solutions of treating vaginal prolapse include injecting hyaluronic acid and estrogen. However, according to Dr. Fong, there are numerous drawbacks to these methods, “Injecting hyaluronic acid can restore the muscle’s elasticity, but it does not last very long, and the injection cannot cover the entire vaginal area. For climacteric women, injecting estrogen is more effective, but it increases the chance of getting breast cancer, so it is not recommended.”

A woman’s youth is equivalent to her health, which includes the maintenance of her private part. And so, this should not be an embarrassing topic to talk about. Love does conquer all, but it takes effort to do so. To make that possible, we need to first, start from our physical health, which is the only motivation and source of energy to let us give the love that deserved to be given. Together with us, you can conquer time with love and reclaim your femininity and youth. Make “Love Conquers All” possible with Neo-Health.

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