Comprehensive Vaginal Medical Care

Comprehensive Vaginal Medical Care

Keep your vaginal health to improve your quality of life, as a pride of yourself!

AcuPulse FemmTouch BG

Lack of knowledge to deal with vaginal dryness 

Up to 80.5% of women in Hong Kong have experienced pain during sex, but 45.5% do not know how to solve the sex-related problem, and 52.1% of women do not know to use the lubricating fluid for relieving pain. There are many reasons for female vaginal dryness. Not only will there be pain in sexual intercourse, but it will also increase the risk of infection and affect the intimate relationship. In general, women's vaginal dryness, mostly in the age group of 30 years old caused by the eagerness of the child and those in the age group of 50 years old are caused by premenopausal.

Newest Technology to tight vaginal – CO2 Laser

Lumenis Medical Grade Intimate Tightening Instrument - FemTouch uses CO2 Laser to stimulate collagen regeneration and reorganization around the vagina, activate cell layers, reduce vaginal relaxation and enhance urethral support. 

Non-invasive Vaginal Treatment 

The operation time and postoperative recovery period were both shorter than the traditional vaginal tightening surgery, which also reduced the postoperative swelling and pain; there was no discomfort during the treatment, and there was no recovery period after operation. 

  • Improve laxity
  • mprove Dryness
  • Reduce discharge 
  • For older women, it can also improve the problem of urinary incontinence or urinary infiltration and relieve menopausal symptoms.

Less energy, deeper, safer

Energy can be adjusted to 3 different energy level to achieve the best results according to the different customers’ situation.For example, For same depth (800 microns)is needed for the treatment, the energy required for each pulse is greatly reduced (25mJ). When the energy is reduced, it indicates that the adverse reactions caused by the heat are also greatly reduced, and the discomfort and recovery time are reduced.

Medical validation of FemTouch vaginal care

Through the latest CO2 Laser instrument, it stimulates collagen to proliferate and restore elasticity to the vaginal muscles. Energy will be released in 360 degrees through special probes in vagina. The treatment takes around 15 minutes and it can stimulate collagen regeneration and reorganization around the vagina, activate the cell layer, improve vaginal relaxation and enhance the support of the urethra.

femtouch english pic 2

femtouch english pic

Price of Treatment

Price : HK$28,000 (original price : HK36,270) includes :

  • FemTouch Vaginal Medical Care x 4
  • 13 Items for Female Vaginal Health Checkup
  • Vaginal Bacterial Culture
  • Pap Smear
  • Vaginal Tightening Essence (Medical Grade)

Member Price : HK$24,000

Single Trial : HK$8,000 (not included medical checkup)

Single Treatment :HK$9,000 (not included medical checkup)

Enquiry & Question

Telephone : (852) 3160 4886

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    Unit 1106, 11/F, World-Wide House,
    19 Des Voeux Road Central,
    Central, Hong Kong
    Central station Exit B

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    Mon to Fri 9:00am-6:00pm 
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    Sun and Public Holiday Closed