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Teno-EM is now available!

Completing a PrEP-35* Package or PrEP-42* and a doctor consultation will get a Free Teno-EM Trial Pack (30 tablets).

What is PrEP?

Truvada, a anti-retroviral medication, used to treat HIV infection had been shown if taken before high risk exposure to HIV can reduce HIV infection by 96%. 

How does it work?

PrEP is taken before sexual contacts and when the drug is in your body, it stops HIV replicating if it enters into your body. It is like anti-virus program for your computers.

What is Teno-EM?

TENO-EM is a generic drug as Truvada for PrEP. It was registered by NeoPharm in 2019, which is available in Neo-Health HK.

  • Teno-EM is bio-equivalent to TruvadaIn general, the generic drug is cheaper and more affordable.
  • The generic Truvada as PrEP is TENO-EM (Thai PrEP) which is manufactured by GPO, Thailand.
  • If you are currently a brand name drug user, it is ok to change to generic drug.

Something You Should do before taking PrEP

  • Talk to your healthcare provider.
  • You must stay HIV negative before and while taking PrEP. 
  • Get tested with Hepatitis B status, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD),
    liver and renal function.
  • Tell you healthcare provider if you have any bone problems.
  • Any other medical conditions or pregnancy.

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How to get PrEP?

  • PrEP is a prescription drug in Hong Kong, a drug which can be only prescribed by medical doctors.
  • PrEP is available in private hospitals and clinics.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider and get tested on Hepatitis B status, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), liver and renal function.
  • Get prescription letter and PrEP medication from medical doctors.
  • You SHOULD NOT purchase PrEP online if you are not sure whether the supplier is legitimate or not. There is always a risk that you might get spurious medication from the unknown supplier. If you want to get PrEP, please contact us.
  • Some people will go overseas for PrEP. However, there is also a risk that you might get spurious medication from unknown clinic. Besides, you CANNOT bring more than three bottles of PrEP back to Hong Kong.

How to take PrEP?

PrEP can be taken as daily medication or “On demand”.  Daily use of PrEP had been shown in research study to reduced HIV infection risk by 96% and “On demand” use by 86%.  With daily use, it requires taken PrEP daily at the same time. “On demand” requires taking 2 pills of PrEP at least 2 hours before sexual contact but no more than 24 hours, then take one more pill at 24 and then 48 hours.  Generally, for people who had infrequent sexual contact, “On-demand” usage will require less medication overall and has less impact on the body.

Any side effects?

Small number of people may experience nausea, dizziness, diarrhoea or muscle ache.  But potential long-term effect on kidney function and bone density requires monitoring.

What is the Price of PrEP, Teno-EM?

  • $1,200 Per Bottle

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Hong Kong Registration Number: HK-66324
Manufacturer:  GPO( The Government Pharmaceutical Organization of Thailand)
Active Ingredients: Fixed dosage of Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300mg, emtricitabine 200 mg
Package: 30 tabs per bottle

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