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Help your children grow into strong, confident adults

Our highly trained staff are experienced and qualified in handling any issue you or your child faces, alone and as a family. 

Child and FamilyChild and Adolescent Counselling and Psycho-education Assessment

As a parent, it can be very difficult to come to terms with the fact that your child may be a little different to his or her peers. If you have noticed delays in sensory perception, confusion in their thinking, sudden outbursts, an inability to walk, talk or socialise in the same way as their friends, these may be early indications of a disorder.

Sometimes, a parent may not be the first one to detect these delays; perhaps a teacher at school or a nurse is the first one to point them out. Either way, it takes a skilled professional to diagnose ADHD, autism, aspergers or other emotional disorders. And the earlier the diagnosis, the more effective the long-term treatment.

Counselling in the context of your family

At Neo-Health, our counsellors gain a comprehensive picture of your child's disposition with a special emphasis on listening, drawing out a parent's concerns and understanding family history in order to make an accurate assessment. Our professionals conduct individual counselling as well as family counselling sessions.

Family Counselling

Our counsellors specialise in couple and family counselling. Throughout the session, the therapist will provide counselling, teach communication skills and conflict resolution techniques to individuals and couples who are encountering difficulties in their relationships. We are also well-versed in helping children who are going through the process of a divorce, exploring their feelings of upheaval and helping them come to terms with the 'new normal' after a separation or divorce. 

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