Comprehensive Cancer Screening

26,000 new cases of cancer reported in Hong Kong each year

Early cancer detection saves lives, which is why we offer several tests that can uncover cancer symptoms at a very early stage. Our services range from physical exams and lab tests, imaging procedures and genetic tests to state-of-the-art early tumour marker tests. 

Neo-Health is at the forefront of medical technology in Hong Kong, providing you with early detection, early treatment and if needed, an early cure.We can detect different types of cancer by using tumour marker testing. We can also screen for:

Gender-specific cancers: 

  • Women : breast, ovarian and cervical cancer
  • Men : prostate and testicular cancer

Organ-specific cancers:

  • Colon, pancreatic, liver and nasopharyngeal cancer

Tumour markers are chemicals made by tumour cells that can be detected in your blood. Tumour markers are used to detect, diagnose and manage some types of cancer. In some instances, they may even reveal the stage of cancer. Screening enables treatment of a particular type of cancer at the earliest possible time, so that you can lead a longer, happier, healthier life. 

 Essential Screening Items  Checkup Details  Checkup Purpose
 1 Cancer Screening  CA50* and AFP*  General Tumour Indicator and Liver Cancer
 2 Cancer Screening  PROPGRP*  Small Cell Lung Cancer
 3 Cancer Screening  CYFRA*  Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
 4 Cancer Screening  PIVKA II*  Liver Cancer
 5 Cancer Screening  CEA* and Faecal Occult Blood**  Colorectal Cancer
 6 Cancer Screening  Pepsinogen I & 2*  Stomach Cancer
 7 Cancer Screening  EBV IgA*  Nasopharyngeal Caner
 8 Cancer Screening  CA19.9XR*  Pancreatic Cancer
 9 Male and Female  HPV Genotyping***  HPV Infection Screening
 10 Male Specific  Total PSA* and Free PSA*  Prostate Cancer and Prostatitis
 11 Female Specific  CA153*  Breast Cancer
 12 Female Specific  CA125*  Ovarian Cancer
 13 Female Specific  Pap Smear***  Cervical Cancer
 14 Cancer Screening Report & Review Consultation

* Cancer screening via blood sample collection and analysis
** Cancer screening via stool sample collection and analysis
*** Avoid screening during menstrual cycle


Optional Specific Screening Checkup Details Checkup Purpose Price (HKD)
 A   Breast Ultrasound  Bilateral breast ultrasound  Screening for breast abnormalities in female <40 years old 1,540
 B  3D Mammogram3D  Bilateral digital mammogram  Screening for breast abnormalities in female >40 years old 3,140
 C  Prostate Ultrasound  Prostate ultrasound  Screening for prostate enlargement and prostate cancer 1,210
 D  Colonoscopy  Colonoscopy Screening  Screening for polyps or cancer inside the rectum and entire colon From 10,350
 E  Circulation DNA –
ultra early Cancer Detection –
for 30 Cancers
 Ultra-sensitive early Cancer Detection screening
using circulation DNA analysis for over 30 different types of cancer
 Cancer is a result of accumulative DNA mutation,
ctDNA can detect cancer even before PET scan


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