Advanced Health Assessment

health screening

Health Screening is fundamental when it comes to prevention. It is dangerous to overlook the latent diseases in
our body before their symptoms emerge.

A body check should be done on a regular basis. A common case would be once a year for children and adults
 under anormal health condition. For patients with coronary heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, kidney
diseases, diabetes, or any other chronic or hereditary diseases, once every 6 months would be ideal. Despite 
obtaining an optimistic result in the health checks, it is necessary to constantly monitor the inconspicuous
changes that happen to our body, for instance, an irregular appetite, sudden weight loss, the changes in our 
defecation pattern, etc. They may seem insignificant, but they can be the signs of serious illnesses. Other than
monitoring our health by body checks, we should also maintain our well-being by having a balanced and healthy
diet, doing exercise, regulating our sleep andkeeping a positive attitude. A regular health screen occupies a
huge part of having a healthy life, and having a healthy life allows us to take good care of our family relationships,
to develop a successful career and have a care-free retirement life.

Neo-Health provides a comprehensive health-screening package along with our innovative technology. Our
medical team caters the needs of different customers. The services we provide are personalized. They include
report analysis, report explaining and consultation for relevant health solutions. Thus, we promise to deliver
an all-rounded service that takes care of your well-being and equip you for a healthy and happy life.

Advanced Health Assessment

Module Description

Detailed Medical History
- Past and current medical history
- Family History
- Lifestyle History
- Psychological wellness assessment

Basic Biochemistry Test
- Total cholesterol
- High density lipoprotein
- Low density lipoprotein
- Triglyceride
- Glucose (Fasting)
- HbA1c 
- Uric Acid

Liver Function
- Bilirubin (direct & indirect)
- Total protein
- Albumin
- Globulin

Kidney Function
- Sodium
- Potassium
- Chloride
- Urea
- Creatinine
- Bicarbonate



Comprehensive Physical Measurements
- Height and weight
- Body mass index (BMI)
- Hip/waist ratio
- Body fat analysis
- Blood pressure and pulse
- Oxygen saturation

Physical Examination by docto
- Visual acuity
- Colour vision assessment
- Ear, nose and throat
- Hearing
- Cardiovascular system
- Respiratory system
- Abdomen
- Nerves system and reflexes
- Locomotor system and back
- Skin

Complete Blood Profile
- Haemoglobin
- Red blood cell count
- White blood cell count with differentials
- Platelet count

Blood Group and Rh Factor


RA Factor
- Rheumatoid factor

Thyroid Function Test
- Free T3
- Free T4

Lung Function Test
- Peak expiratory flow rate

- Resting Electrocardiogram

Stool Test
- Stool analysis and occult blood

Urine Analysis
- Urine RBC                                  - Urine Protein
- Urine WBC                                 - Urine Ketone
- Urine Glucose

- Vitamin D

Chest X-Ray

Hepatitis A & B Profile
- Hepatitis A Antibody (IgG)
- Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
- Hepatitis B Surface Antibody

Hormone Tests
- Testosterone (Male) / Estradiol (E2) (Ladies) Nutritional Status
-Vitamin B12

Cancer Screening
- EBV Ig (A)
- PSA (Male) / Pap Smear (Ladies)

Ig (E)
- Acute Immune Response Marker

H Pylori Urea Breath Test

***Doctor Consultation Fee has been included in Module One.

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