Next Generation Genetic Screening

Today’s health can be tomorrow’s sickness in disguise. Latent diseases may seem distant from us, and yet they creep around and emerge when we least expect them to. The genes we inherited from our ancestors determines not only our height and appearance, but also the risk factors that affect our health. Modern science and technology have confirmed that numerous diseases are closely related to the arrangements of our DNA. Take the well-known serial killer, cancer, for example, and the common case of heart attacks; they are both the consequences of our gene.

next generation sequencing

According to one of the studies by the SADSHK Foundation, over one-third of the unknown
causes of sudden deaths are very likely due to the mutation of DNA. However, fortunately,
these hereditary diseases can be prevented or minimized under suitable and specific
measurements. Thus, it is very important to get a full picture of your health and the risks of
facing hereditary diseases so that you can stay away from sickness.

Next Generation Genetic Screening uses the Next Generation Sequencing technology
to examine the relationship between the DNA in your blood samples and the conditions
of relevant hereditary diseases.
Our professional team will analyze and judge whether your
DNA is exposed to latent diseases or mutation by comparing your blood sample to the ones in
the internationally certified database. Then we will publish and send you a comprehensive report.

Mygenia ONE uses the most innovative Next Generation Sequencing technology in Hong Kong
for your DNA screening. It is also approved by laboratory technicians.

Mygenia ONE has screened over 2,700 types of DNA related to diseases and is able to identify
the source of DNA mutation. These sources are closely related to over 1,000 kinds of diseases, 
not exclusive of certain lethal diseases or illnesses that has tremendous negative effects on a 
person’s daily life. And they are:

Heart Diseases:   Cancer:   Genetic Diseases:  
Ventricle Dysplasia   ✓ Gastric Cancer   ✓ Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)   ✓
Brugada Syndrome   ✓ Kidney Cancer   ✓ Thalassemia   ✓
Congenital Cardiac Arrhythmia   ✓ Colorectal Cancer   ✓ Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)   ✓
    Pancreatic Cancer   ✓    
    Prostate Cancer   ✓    
    Breast or Oophoroma Cancer   ✓    

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