Sexual Dysfunction

Though common, sexual dysfunction can be overcome

Sexual dysfunction is a common concern faced by adults in the course of their sexual lives. From a low libido, intimacy issues, disinterest in sex or physical pain, sexual dysfunction takes many forms which can negatively impact relationships and cause undue stress.

Neo-Heath is experienced in treating a range of sexual dysfunction issues. We utilise both therapy and medical treatments, including oral medications and innovative procedures.

Male sexual dysfunctions

'Dysfunction' is perhaps not the word you want to hear (or read) in relation to your sex life – we get it. But the good news is you’re not alone.

Research has shown that more than 43% of men suffer from sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction can occur as a result of relationship problems, anxiety, stress or lack of sleep. But it may also be attributed to symptoms of an underlying disease - such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, neurological disease, prostate disease. More often than not, sexual dysfunction is treatable through a combination of treatments including medication and counselling.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are two common types of male sexual dysfunction, affecting men at various stages of life, but you may experience other dysfunctions, including problems ejaculating, problems with sexual desires or suffering pain during sexual intercourse. We’ve seen it all.

Men's Area

Female sexual dysfunctions

In our experience, many women encounter sexual problems at some point in their lives. Research shows that a lot of women are simply not interested in sex, have problems reaching orgasm or suffer from pain during sexual activities.

Many factors are to blame: stress, fatigue, physical illness, financial and work pressures, relationship problems, or after having had a new baby.

There are many kinds of sexual problems that women may encounter for both physical and psychological reasons. Our sexual therapists at the HK Sexual Health Centre can help you resolve your problems and find ways to overcome your difficulties.

Women's Area

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