Shockwave Erectile Enhancement Therapy

Erectile Enhancement – Shockwave Therapy

The Latest Breakthrough in the Management of Male Erectile Enhancement allows you to boost your confidence!

The Management of Male Functionality

How does “Extracorporeal Shockwave” Therapy help Erectile Enhancement?

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is the technology using pulses of sound energy called “shockwaves” to apply onto the treatment area. ESWT is commonly used in different medical areas such as Urology, Cardiology, Orthopedics. Physiotherapy and Thermotherapy. Shockwave can be used for the treatment of vascular-based erectile enhancement. Erectile Enhancement Shockwave Therapy (SHOCKWAVE) utilizes low-intensity extracorporeal shockwaves, focusing on blood vessels and encouraging neo-vascularization in the penis shaft and corpus. The low-intensity shock waves help relieve vascular deficiency. This action stimulates the volume of blood flow thus facilitating the erection to produce. ed image 300x180

Treatment procedure

  1. SHOCKWAVE is applied on the penile shaft and corpus. The shockwaves in the applicator release strong impulses and kinetic energy to stimulate blood flow.

  1. Using ultrasound gel as medium, the applicator focuses on 5 different anatomical sites. Each site is treated for 4-minutes in which 300 shockwaves are delivered. Each treatment session is lasted for around 20 minutes.

  1. For mild to moderate cases, it takes course of 6-12 treatments (1 time per week) to show improvement. It can maintain significant improvement and steady performance for 2 years if the treatments are completed. In more serious cases it will take longer treatments.

Highlights of EDSWT

  • SHOCKWAVE provides a novel treatment option for patients to enhance their functional health, or treat their vascular-based erectile dysfunction and offers an opportunity to achieve spontaneous erection.

  • This treatment is a non-invasive procedure; it causes no side-effect and no pain.

  • The treatment does not need any medications.

  • It has effectively treated a sub-group of severe erectile dysfunctional patients who failed oral medication therapy. Based on the clinical studies, 72.4% who did not respond to oral medication improved up to 50% rigidity after receiving shockwave therapy.

  • A significant improvement in the patient’s erectile function which lasted for at least 1 year.

  • A significant improvement in penile hemodynamics after completing treatment.

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    Unit 1106, 11/F, World-Wide House,
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    Unit 1106, 11/F, World-Wide House,
    19 Des Voeux Road Central,
    Central, Hong Kong
    Central station Exit B

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    Mon to Fri 9:00am-6:00pm 
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