General Vaccines

General vaccinations help prevent disease

Vaccinations ensure you remain healthy and disease-free at every stage of your life. To date, vaccination remains one of the most cost-effective and widely used forms of disease prevention.

We recommend the following general vaccinations for everyone at any age:

  • HEPATITS A & B VACCINE : Hepatitis A can cause liver failure and Hepatitis B can cause liver cancer. If you do not have immunity, we recommend getting vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B.
  • CHICKENPOX (VARICELLA) VACCINE : We recommend getting vaccinated against Chickenpox (varicella) if you have not had the illness during your life or have not had the varicella vaccine.
  • INFLUENZA (SEASONAL FLU) VACCINE : We recommend adults get a flu vaccine every year. Flu vaccines are especially important for people with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, and older adults.

In addition, we recommend the following vaccinations based on your age:


  • HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS (HPV) VACCINE : The HPV vaccine protects against the human papillomaviruses that causes most cervical cancers, anal cancer, and genital warts. 

AGE 50 + :

  • ZOSTER VACCINE FOR SHINGLES : Ninety-five per cent of adults are at risk of shingles and the risk increases after age 50. Once it strikes, shingles can cause pain symptoms that last a lifetime.
  • PNEUMOCOCCAL VACCINE : Protects against pneumococcal disease, which can infect the lungs and the bloodstream. This vaccine is recommended for all adults over 65 years old, and those who have chronic health conditions.

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